Youth for a United World in Nigeria to the Christmas party ‘Unit, our aim’

23 December 2016

Onitsha, December 4, 2016. We took the decision to invite each at least one person, friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues at universities.

The youth who joined were our friends at university or work, this has created an optimal level of communication between the 250 present. Songs, slides, story of the Focolare Movement, testimonials on how the ideal of a united world has changed our lives. Then snacks, drinks and football game.

“I am Kizito. Before knowing this lifestyle I was really a bad guy. I was part of a group of young people who drank and behaved badly. This is why the relationship with my father and my brothers was very difficult. After meeting the ideal of unity, I discovered that there is something better than that. God. I chose Him, and I became a young man who lives for a United World. Everything around me has changed, making me a better person and the relationship with my father has become so beautiful, that he opened up to me, and told me that from some time he had opened a bank account for me, but he had never spoken about it because he was afraid that I will use the money on something bad. This has allowed me to live more comfortably. I am always very grateful to God who has given me this great ideal, because now I do not live only for myself, but for everyone around me. “

Merry Christmas to all from the Youth for a United World of Nigeria.

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