Youth for a United World, Mumbai (India)

6 May 2010


We in Mumbai kicked off the United World Week with a wall painting event. There were more than a 100 of us who painted a wall in a prime suburb with our solutions to the Challenge of Building a Better World.

Then at 16.00, a group of 66 of us began our journey for an overnight hike to our base village (Siddhaghad). We began our ascent at around 20.00 and reached our camp site well after midnight. We camped in the open and sang and strummed our way into the night. And we began our descent at around 9.00 the next morning. We all carried paper bags & collected garbage in it so as to keep our nature clean.

Most of the youth were those who met the y4uw for the 1st time.

And so the United World Week kicked off with a bang.

Our motto for the 3rd of May was ‘Be a Sign of Hope’. For the 4th its “Be the change you want to see” and “Stand up for a cause” for the 5th. Many of us across the city will be trying to live it.

We also have many other activities lined up during this week. We have a Photography workshop, a dance workshop with 4 styles of dancing, a picnic with children of Udisha, which is a project of the Focolare movement for underprivileged children. Then we have an evening of tele-games and we conclude the united world week in India with a link-up during an event called U-nite, which is a night of live music, barbecue and much more.

We have also launched a website and a facebook group (united world week), which have become popular among the youth of the city.

Conrad & the Y4UW of Mumbai

P.S.: Here are some pictures of the wall painting:

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