Flashes of Some Activities of the United World Week 2017

11 April 2017


In Masbate-Philippines ,one of the island part of Manila ; We, the youth for a united world prepared a feeding program. We went to one of the barangay(Small Communities) in the city. We conducted small programs for the kids such as Dice of Love, games…etc.  As a conclusion, they gave the food that they had prepared for them! It was such a great joy for us!


Greetings from Lahishyn, where the youth for a united world from Poland and Belarus spend together the United World Week in the House of Mercy with elderly people who are living here in this beautiful place. They feel often very lonely, so we’ve decided to embrace them.


To start the united world week, the youth for united world in Brazil did ‘’Street of Nations’’ to spend the afternoon with the youth and the families of the city.


This april 30 was the Children’s Day in Mexico and we celebrated it with some children of our neighborhood. A few days later, we went to the city center to take photos for peace and the reaction of the people who collaborated was spectacular.

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