India: The Various Activities of the United World Week 2017

19 April 2017


The little steps we take towards building a united world . The Youth for a united world have  organized an international dinner inviting all our friends and colleagues calling it “borderless conversations”. Preparing for this day seemed difficult, as most of us were pre occupied with studying and work, April and May being the busy months. This made it almost impossible to have a UWW, but we were forgetting that we didn’t really need to do something big, even something as small as a gathering was all we needed to share our unity. We put together a dinner, cooking food from all over the world, invited our friends and whoever we know, we shared with them who we are and what we do to as youth for a united world, also telling them about the genfest 2018. It was an evening that had a room


In Goa, the Youth for a united world decided to have PULSE: FOR HEALTH. Hence, we planned on going to an old age home in Divar, Goa. The home has 30 elderly (men & woman). The next question was how do we incorporate Pulse for Health by visiting an old age home. We decided to teach them exercises which did not require rigorous workout. Dr. Nirmala taught them how to do small exercises while being seated in their chairs. This helped them a lot. They promised that they would attempt doing them after breakfast everyday. After this exercise session we decided to have some fun games for them. We spilt up into smaller groups and asked them for their choice of games, they would like to play. This set up was made for them to feel like they have a family. This way we could also give them more attention individually. The whole experience was beautiful and touching. We hope to continue this good work and spread the love.


Youth for a united world prepared an evening of workshops: dance, music, art and media. The evening saw a large number of new youths. We are still hearing the echoes of this evening.


Youth for a united world together with the whole community of Delhi prepared for the great event of the inter-religious Run4Unity involving 1500 adolescents. There has been so much commitment from the part our part since the majority of Delhi’s community are youth.




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