26 April 2018

In March 2018, we brought you an exciting Contest in which 24 young people between the ages of 18 and 24 were selected to become “United World Ambassadors“. This Y4UW come from every single continent: Brazil, Australia, Kenya, Argentina, the Philippines, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, the U.S., and Burkina Faso. Most of them are university students, they are 13 boys and 12 girls, and nearly all have already experienced a United World Week.
This United World Ambassadors will now take part in a training course that will be developed in partnership with numerous NGOs and international institutions, gathering together the competences and values of both public and private stakeholders. The Ambassadors, once adequately trained, will be entrusted the task of to be spokesperson of the Youth for a United World in national and international institutions.

Specifically, they will be in charge of establishing a collaborative relationship with UNESCO National Commissions, presenting them with the best practices promoted over the years during the United World Week in their respective countries, in the aim of obtaining the recognition of the United World Week at the United Nations.

The structure of the course

The training course will be articulated in three different moments:

1 – Online training course for the United World Project and the running of international institutions.

2 – Two-day lectures by experts and professors of international politics (including some UNESCO representatives), to be held in Manila, Philippines, immediately before the Genfest (July 6-8, 2018)). For candidates who cannot take part in the event, the lectures will be broadcast in live streaming.

3–Implementation of the Project and follow up.

After the closure of the Genfest, the Ambassadors will start to implement what they learned from the first two phases of the training course. They will present their project for the United World Week to local institutions and stakeholders. A group of experts will be in charge of monitoring and assisting them through this phase: through online monthly session the Ambassadors be assured the proper support and guidance.

A final follow up phase will be organized in May 2019, with the occasion of the United World Week.

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