23 May 2018

During the past few weeks, the whole globe has been a witness of several expressions of the United World, each showing a unique characteristic or context, but with the same soul.

2018 is yet another year where people from all over the world decide to show that the united world dream is a real possibility. From Argentina to Lebanon, from the US to India, thousands of people were protagonists and witnesses of this work in progress.

Local communities organizing the Run4Unity along with the Y4UW and different organizations that ally to help create a bigger impact and reach more people in need. This year, where the countdown to Genfest is almost over, once again the utopia of a united world becomes more and more possible. Check the numerous activities that occurred in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Middle East.

Here we have a summed up synthesis of what happened during the UWW 2018:


Argentina. In the northern part of the Country (Chaco and Resistencia) the Y4UW organized an Ecological Afternoon in a social center. In the Buenos Aires region, a few activities were created according to the contexts, for example, in General Rodriguez they did a Graphic intervention in the city, or La Madrid, Saliquello and Bahia Blanca visited the “Fazenda Caruhé”. In Rosario, the youth organized a “Day for Unity” alongside other 7 movements of the city. Cordoba continued their journey to carry the Peace Cube everywhere. In Ushuaia, in the very south of the world, they had an afternoon with the children of an asylum.

Brazil. In this amazing country lots of activities were held throughout the vast territory. For example, Sao Pablo hosted a lunch to raise money for a Social Project. In the south, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina e Parana a local Genfest was held, alongside a Y4UW camp. In the joyful Rio de Janeiro they organized a karaoke night and “Pequena Africa” (Little Africa) which was a journey to get to know the history of the city and its people.  Manaus visited “Fazenda Da Esperanca”. In Brasilia, around 400 people focused on local social activities and the Zero Hunger theme. Teresina held a Sports day. Benevides held a “Dialoge with Seu Kaba”, who is a representative of the Munduruku tribe.

Chile. In the capital city of Santiago de Chile, the Y4UW went to the “Hospederia”, which is a monthly project that consists in visiting the homeless men that live there to play cards, share a meal and be with them to help move on with their lives.

El Salvador. In Pajigua the youth did a mural for peace and in Concepcion they held a meeting called “I lived for peace”.

Paraguay. In the city of San Miguel de Capitara were held the “Misiones por la Paz”, visiting a Home shelter.

Middle East

Egypt. In Cairo, the youth visited a children’s asylum.
Jordan. A movie night was held in Amman.
Lebanon. In Beirut, the United World Week was held in a sports day, to help spread the commitment of young people towards the Zero Hunger goal worldwide.


India. The Y4UW organized a sharing dinner with the “Shanti Niwas” which an asylum for homeless people.


Italy. In Loppiano was held the local Genfest where thousands of youth gathered to go “Beyond me”.
Portugal. Also here the Y4UW held a local Genfest where hundreds participated.
Spain. In Valencia the Y4UW had a sharing day along the young inmigrants of the “Solidarity with Africa Association”. Other people from the “Non violence” group and the founder of the Bonded Labour Liberation Front of Pakistan were invited, to share time and get to know each other.

Run4Unity everywhere

Of course, other few cities did a number of activities, specially the Run4Unity, which is an opportunity to work with the Teens for Unity and run together to spread peace everywhere. In Belem, Brazil was held a 4 days program with discussions about Zero Hunger, finishing with a Run4Unity in a public park. Maceio, Brazil, held 4 daily activities that involved food collection, talents show, and the Run4Unity – FlashMob with skaters and activities for an elders’ asylum. Castanhal, Brazil, had activities towards praying, distributing food and celebrating the Run4Unity. In Colombia, the city of Tocancipa, they ran to spread the Zero Hunger theme.  San Miguel, Paraguay had a Run4Unity, workshops and games. Montevideo, Uruguay did an urban intervention and a Run4Unity. In Buenos Aires also they did 2 Run4Unity, one of them hosted in the famous “Women’s bridge” where people from all religions crossed to prove that unity is possible. In the USA the Run4Unity was held in Dallas (with bikes and roller skates), Houston, El Paso –which is on the limit between USA and Mexico –. City of Mexico also ran for unity, with other foundations and organizations. The most impressive one was in Mexicali and Calexico, where youth from Mexico and USA ran alongside from both parts of the border (where the wall is).

These are just the highlights of daily experiences, and macro initiatives that help build universal brotherhood. New faces of this “slow but unstoppable journey” towards Universal Fraternity continue to unfold again this year, this month and during every hour of every day.

by Ana Martinez

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