23 April 2019

The United World Week 2019 will take place from May 1 to 7. It will be carried out by the wide-ranging Teens for Unity, Youth for a United WorldNew Humanity, Parish and Diocesan Movement of the Focolare, in collaboration with the Economy of Communion and with other groups, movements, associations, local institutions, national and international.

The UWW 2019: No One in Need

The theme chosen for the 2019 edition of the United World Week – #NoOneInNeed – refers to the path “Pathways for a United World“, in particular to “Pathway of Economy, Work and Communion“, which is an integral part of the United World Project. This pathway was launched at Genfest 2018.

During the United World Week 2019 we are all invited to carry out initiatives that can enhance and give visibility to the path made during the year as part of the Pathway of Economy, Work and Communion, underlining the communion as a commitment taken to help achieve the “No One in Need” goal.

They can be Initiatives already be underway, new initiatives to which can provide continuity or awareness actions. Some examples:

  • The Street Store, a temporary free shop for the needs of the mostneedy in the city.
  • #ZeroHunger actions. For example: “Shared Meal” with the most needy; a proposal to restaurants in the city to create a “Hanging Meal” for those who need it, etc.
  • Into the LABel, a responsible consumer laboratory. Because while we consume we can “vote with the portfolio” by rewarding or not the values and the production style of one company rather than another.
  • Actions to raise awareness for disinvestment in armed banks or unethical funds and investment in sustainable development and peace.
  • Raising funds for development projects. Examples: Communion and Action, AMU development projects.
  • Conferences and workshops on entrepreneurship, work, poverty, consumption, investment in development, etc.

And all that the real needs of one’s local area can suggest, from small actions to more structured initiatives.

Global initiatives

  • May 5: Run4Unity , #zerohunger.
  • May 11: IntoTheLABel worldwide, a worldwide laboratory of responsible consumption.

The final event of the United World Week 2019

The final event of the United World Week 2019 will take place from June 9 to 16, in Mariapolis Luminosa – USA.

Join us on May 11 in our international initiative of “Into the LABel”

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