Loppiano is a little town of the Focolare Movement. It was founded by Chiara Lubich in 1964.
The feature of life of Loppiano is the commitment to put into practice the ideal of Unity proposed by the Focolare Movement.

Loppiano currently has a population of 900 people of whom 70 that are from the 5 different continents: there are men and women focolarini, families, young people, priests, religious and occasionally a bishop. The citizens live, work and study there and through their daily actions give witness to the phrase from the Bible: ‘Love one another as I have loved you’. Each year, an average of 40 thousand visitors pass through Loppiano.

Since the youth gathering of May 1, 1973, born almost by chance with an extraordinary and unexpected participation, the date of May 1st has become a fixed appointment for many young people and each year this gathering includes programs, forums, and events with specific initiatives.

Around 1000 youth from all over the world and especially from Italy meet every year for the celebration of the primo maggio in Loppiano.

It is a big celebration prepared by the youth who live in Loppiano and it includes songs, traditional dances, experiences etc… all to spread the ideal of universal fraternity.

The youth who live in Loppiano are there for various reasons: some are students at the Sophia University Institute, others attend the schools of formation and others live in the area surrounding Loppiano, attending and organising initiatives. There are also many people who arrive in the town almost by coincidence, accepting an invitation that goes from mouth to mouth without any mass publicity.


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