Mariapolis Lia


A small town where one experiences how can the society be when the fundamental relationship between the members is mutual love proposed by the Gospel, the different laboratories , the fraternity school open to all, where one is able to dream, build and provide concrete facts of the daily life. It is an advance of a united world that comes from living together and from the dialogue between generations, religions and cultures.

It is located next to the town of O’Higgins, in the province of Buenos Aires, with a population of 220 inhabitants. Men and women of different origins, cultures and ages live together in a modern space, with homes, businesses, community centers, Capella, gyms, sports fields, parks and gardens to grow. Along with other realities born in different parts of the five continents, the Lia Citadel stands as an expression of spirituality and culture of unity promoted by the Focolare Movement.

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