Mariapolis Arco-Íris


There are about 50 inhabitants: adults, families, young people, children and a priest who the Cardinal has also made the parish priest of Abrigada. It is in constant development and encourages the growth of the spirituality of unity through practical experience of the gospel lived. A moment of outreach that goes beyond the members of the Focolare and appeals, most especially, to young people is the gathering of youth every 1 May for a day of sharing and celebration. The little town is a privileged space for dialogue with civil society and with people of every conviction and culture.

The little town Arco-iris is to found in Abrigada, in the municipal area of Alenquer. It began in 1997 and is appreciated by the Church and by civil authorities who recognize its possible public benefits. The Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon, present at the little town’s inauguration, expressed his desire of making this center  ‘a fixed point of unity, in communion, to demonstrate that unity among all is possible.’

1st of May

The 1st of May is an initiative promoted by Youth for a United World that has been held for more than 10 years in Portugal and gathers around 1000 young people from all over the country.

What? The national journey of Youth for a United World Portugal.

Who? Youth for a United World Portugal + 1000 Portuguese young people.

When? 1st of May (every two years, since 2002)

How? Using songs, personal experiences, workshops and an Expo of Fraternity. Young people connect with Youth for a United World biggest goal – United World – and have the possibility to experience it from that moment on.

Why? This event is an extraordinary opportunity to build something together, as Youth for a United World, and a very important moment to show to Portuguese young people that United World is possible.

Youth for a United World Meeting

The Youth for a United World Meeting is a weekend of personal and collective development for every young person who would like to live an experience of unity. Since its creation in 2013, it was also thought as a moment of work where we go out and do volunteer work together or we discuss ideas for the next big event or even a moment in which we create innovative projects for our communities.

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