We make monthly activities with young people. For example, during the United World Week, a march for peace was organized with a visit by the highest representative of the government. We planted trees for peace together and we then cleaned the market square.

Another example would be a a day in memory of Chiara Luce with the strong participation in the days of the new evangelization…

During the period of stay of the youths here we have some activities to propose to them:

– Local craft work(e.g designing small articles by using materials from local plants)

– Visits to museums, palaces of local chiefs and the Fon (king)

– A day of interaction with the youths (including sporting activities, walk etc)

– 2 days to stay with some African families in the Citadel

– Inter-cultural evening Avast Driver Updater Activation Key 2019 (traditional dances, sketches and other cultural exchanges, presentation of the citadel etc

– Possible Additional Trip to the Ancient Sultan Palace in Foumban and the ocean coast of Limbe.

The inculturation of the Gospel in the African societies, above all in Fontem, in the heart of the Cameroon forest, where the concrete witness of love by the focolarini doctors efforts called to take care of the Bangwa people, suffering from many diseases and severe infant mortality, meant that this people, and several other neighboring peoples have walked into the path of faith and fraternity. It is also seen in other  two citadels that arise to Kenya and the Ivory Coast.

We are in the midst of the beautiful tropical crossover linux download nature. The specificity of this citadel is the frequent contact with the gentile population Bangwa. The life is simple, it quickly creates a huge wealth of relationships. Culture is characterized by a strong tradition and a youthful and joyful Christianity. In Fontem, it rains a lot during the year and in the amiduos full crack dry season, there is so much dust.

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