We are the youth from different social backgrounds and ethnic groups. We belong to different nationalities and cultures, to the various Christian denominations and religions.  With the same spirit: we have the desire to build a single family. We also organize workshops, forums and different events to foster our communion; it’s a good platform to share our ideas, deepen our aims and study new ways of action at local and international spheres.”

As 13 years old Grace says, “In a special way, concrete love encourages us to live the culture of giving in lots of ways: by giving a smile, a helping hand, building ties of friendship, sharing a snack, giving joy, offering forgiveness, etc. We made a wonderful discovery: When we love we are happy, and if we love always, we will always be happy!”

Michael, 21 defines it: “The Youth Centre ‘The spring’ is like our lab, where we make our most meaningful life experiences. Our way of living brings about numerous seeds of brotherhood. It has given rise to many types of activities from small projects in response to emergency situations in favor of the most needy, to organizing concerts for reconciliation among ethnic and political divides.

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