United World Week 2014


Africa, the focal point of a worldwide link-up. On May 1, at 13.00hrs Italian time a worldwide link-up starting from Nairobi  will bring together youth from the five continents. This will mark the opening of United World Week 2014: “Bridging cultures”, a wide variety of initiatives focused on mutual sharing carried out by Youth for a United World in different places all over the world.

Sharing with Africa”. This motto expresses the reciprocity that UWW 2014 would like to achieve through its focus on the African continent, an emblem of colours, cultures and challenges, thus exploring some of the pillars of the African cultures in mutual sharing and exchange of wealth.

Maria Voce, president of the Focolare Movement expressed gratitude to the young people for their “commitment” and “staunch courage” in “pursuing the goal of a United World, while immersed in today’s complex situations and in realities that differ”. It is “enormous work” she continued to say “but it is God’s dream, as Chiara Lubich liked to describe it”.

On May1 there will be the launching of the Atlas of Fraternity, the first document about 800 fragments of fraternity, brave initiatives propagated in cities to build bridges between individuals, groups and cultures, thus opening the road to dialogue and indicating new pathways to communities. Journeying the globe through this Atlas, one will see the fragments of fraternity that envelop the world. This is the first document about the United World Project issued after the Genfest 2012, that took place in Budapest.