United world week 2021

15 April 2021

United World Week 2021

United World Week 2021 Recap




United World Week 2021 Day 1 Recap


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What is the United World Week?


Have you ever thought about organizing a United World Week (UWW) event in your city?

What is the UWW?

The first week of May each year, the United World Week is an opportunity to highlight what is already being done on the planet to build a more united and fraternal world.

This year the UWW will be held from May 1 to May 9.
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Established in 1995, it is promoted by the Focolare Movement in collaboration with other groups, movements, associations, as well as local, national, and international institutions that have Universal Brotherhood at heart.

Pathways for a United World

The United World Week is also an important element of the 6-year journey proposed by the Pathways for a United World. In fact, the title of the UWW 2021 is #DARETOCARE in reference to this year’s pathway (2020/2021) that is focused on the issues of Active citizenship and politics for unity.

How can you participate?

Look at your city, your country. Start from the challenges of your region and promote debates, events, actions, or concrete projects that can:

Spread the value of active citizenship;
Promote participation for the common good,
Widespread this main idea: a world that knows how to care will certainly be a more united world.

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  1. i am teddy a Gen from zambia,on behalf of Gens,youths 4 united and the focolari community here,recent years we`ve participated in the activities it`s just that we never sent what we did.Also this year we are participating,but due to covid pandemic and restrictions,we are not going to do the activities the all first week of may only 8th and 9th.We sat,discussed and came up with a concrete idea how we`ll

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