Redefining Poverty and Development: A Conversation with Indigenous Peoples

Economists from Jesuit-run Ateneo de Manila University reflect on how helping those in the peripheries affirms a common humanity and what difference it makes in their development.

Businesses for Peace and Development

A forum featuring big businesses and how they have incorporated the welfare of the marginalized communities through their inclusive practices

Spirituality at work: A new approach to growth

This topic is about workplace spirituality with the focus on the integral development of people in the workplace, in particular how to cultivate their inner life/values.

Beyond Good Business: The Business of Doing Good

A multi-awarded social entrepreneur speaks on how she grew her global business on the principle of helping the poor.

Conversations on passion and purpose at work

All forms of work should be fruits of passion and purpose in life. Hear people who took diverse life directions talk about harnessing their passion and discovering the purpose in their liives.

The Nature of Social Enterprises

A discussion and exchange on the nature of social enterprises by a professor and his students who have embarked on businesses that address needs of the marginalized.

Talents and Creativity at the Service of Others: Our Big Enterprise

Done in Rome Summer Camp by EOC INN – What are your talents? Your passion? Promotes creativity, reslience, determination – to have the beauty of growing together.

The Culture of Giving and Responsible Consumerism

The culture of giving–what is it really all about? Sustainable choices, minimalist living, and responsible consumerism

Resourcefulness and Entrepreneurship: Addressing the Money Problem

Two young entrepreneurs trace the opportunities and challenges, failures and successes in various business enterprises they embarked on

You’re Hired!: How to get a job and thrive in it

Tips for applying for a job, landing it, and thriving in it

Happy Piggy Bank

Financial Literacy: Tips on how to budget your allowance and still save

Population Control from an Alternative Perspective

The moral and social view of population control programs and alternatives to consider

Overpopulation Myth: BUSTED!

Does overpopulation really cause poverty? How can we prove there is strength in numbers?

“I want to help”: Beating the Bystander Effect

A forum on how to combat social injustice by concretely initiating change. This digital age has made us bystanders. When we see social injustice, our first instinct is to take out our phones, document and post instead of helping out by volunteerism.

Find Meaning in the Workplace

Ideas on how one can work to be a blessing to others and find meaning in the workplace

Family Business: Is it for you?

Understanding the characteristics of a family business and considering being a part of it

Migration: Pluses and Minuses

The social and economic impact of migration

Smart Money Hacks

This workshop will teach participants how to spend, save and invest wisely to create the life they want.

Preparing for Tomorrow’s World Today

UWhy a paradigm shift to a scientific approach in education is needed to arm our youth for the coming technological revolutions (and the false facts that accompany it)

Zero Hunger Generation

A Forum prepared in collaboration between FAO and the Focolare, aimed at sharing the effort made to reach the ‘GOAL 2’ of the ‘United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’, “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.”

Journey Through Cancer

This workshop aims to help participants understand illness and Cancer from the perspective of someone who has experienced it, and how her loved ones journeyed with her. It will also help them explore different ways of showing love and solidarity with people going through painful experiences.

Katutubo: Magkakaiba Tayo Ngunit Iisa (Indigenous People: We are different yet we are alike)

This forum will highlight the perceptions we have of indigenous people and their lives, and how we are more alike than we think

REWIND: Philippines

Appreciating Philippine History: its highs and lows and why this country and its people are what and who they are

Building SeeWorthy Cultures in Ourselves and in Others (We Will Endure)

Examining the different struggles and sufferings of mankind and how to cope, survive, and remain happy

Unity and Diversity of Faith

Getting to know the similarities and differences of the 5 major religions (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jewish)

Friendship and Dialogue: the Interreligious way of the youth

Friendship connects young people.  It is their way of dialogue. The Forum explores the dynamics of friendship as a model of pursuing and sustaining interreligious dialogue for young people

Discerning the Divine Plan for Me

Examining vocations and discerning one’s true calling

From Gender Sensitivity to Person charity: A Call to Unity of Life

Appreciation of an emerging gender trend and catching our biases

A Love to Last a Lifetime

Secrets to a lasting relationship

Taking Charge: Breaking away from addiction

Examining different kinds of addiction, their causes, and how to be freed from them

Conquer Depression Together

Helping others to catch the signs of depression and taking concrete steps to help them

Happy to be Me

Finding peace in being yourself

Make the Dream Work through Teamwork

How to achieve effectiveness as a group

Patience in the World of  Instant

Examining unrealistic expectations of the world today and exploring the promises of perseverance

Managing Conflict Through Dialogue

Examining conflict, what causes it, and how dialogue can address it

How High is Your EQ?

How to better manage your emotions to achieve harmony with others

Chiara Lubich’s Art of Loving

Tried and tested characteristics and qualities of loving that generates unity

Changes? No Problem

Remaining grounded in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world

Dialogue for Reconciliation

Learning new methods of bridging different types of gaps (between generations, between religions, etc.)

Understanding Islam

Understanding the teachings of Islam and debunking common negative misconceptions of this religion

Humanistic Buddhism: Life, Education and Three Acts of Goodness

Understanding the teachings of Buddhism

Understanding Hinduism

Understanding the teachings of Hinduism

How to Dialogue and why Suffering?

Engaging in group dynamics to learn skills for dialogue. Learning to accept, live and go beyond suffering, discovering its meaning and value.

Youth World Peace Forum: To build Peace, go beyond all borders

A peace global platform with moments of dialogue, reflections and testimonies of personal life and peace projects lived by young people from all over the world.
A LIVE webinar will connect with speakers in 6 countries and a moment of dialogue with hundreds of youths in the 5 continents.
To know more, watch this link: Youth World Peace Forum in Manila

Think First Before You Buy

Understanding how media objectifies the human body to sell things and discerning one’s needs before making purchasing decisions


Building a Better World for the Hearing Impaired

Understanding the concerns of the hearing impaired and looking for ways to address these

I Hear You

Connecting to hearing impaired persons or those with disabilities.

Meeting of Minds

Constructive exchange of opposing views and finding a win-win perspective that both are happy with

Responding to Terrorism: Understanding Terrorism and what are realistic responses to foster peace and human rights

Understanding Terrorism and what are realistic responses to foster peace and human rights: Truth and reconciliation commissions; peace relationships; experience to foster disarmament and human dignity as a foundation of human rights

Psychological First Aid

Addressing Trauma, Grief, Shock and Depression

Assert Your Rights

Awareness of one’s rights as citizens and remedies that we have in addressing violations

Bully Me Not

Understanding bullying and effectively responding to such intimidation

Eye Belong

Training on proper techniques and sensitivities in assisting the blind and visually impaired.  Aims to promote accessibility, inclusivity and improve their quality of life and full integration into society.

Peace Skills: How to Build Cultures of Unity

Learning to recognize the different stages and dynamics of the conflict and to foster the dialogue between the parties can be the antidote for the escalation of the contrast. Peace Skills : how to build cultures of unity is a workshop aimed at providing  strategies and techniques to do so.

Living Peace International, a Path of Peace Education

There will be a general introduction of Living Peace as a path of education to peace. Everyone will then be divided into 6 different workshops:

    • Mandalas for Peace
    • Peace Cranes
    • Exchange of Peace Flags
    • Elephants for Peace. The Iconic Turn. A world without borders
    • Peace in 7 words
    • One Methodology for a Peace Project

For more details, watch this link:  Path of education to peace

The Coast is Clean

Awareness of the cause and effects of pollution on coastal area on people and marine life and what we can do about it.

The Urban Makeover

Experience shared on how a community began renewing its environment, with the help and support of institutions and residents

Ultimate Frisbee Challenge

Learning the sport of Frisbee and teaching street kids how to play

Care for Earth, Our Home

This forum aims to create a motivation for supporting a healthy and sustainable planet. Its objective is to bring about a personal and collective attitude transformation. It encourages a relationship-centered and action-oriented response to the needs of the environment.

Beads that Bind

Appreciating various cultures by connecting beads

Mental Workout: anger management and mindfulness training

In this Workshop, we will conduct exercises to de-stress, expend excess energy, enhance learning, maximize brain use and thinking processes in order to enhance productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in what we do

Breaking the Mental Health Stigma

Understanding the range of mental health problems and learning how to respond to patients empathically in cases where we have a possibility to intevene

Protect and Conserve the Aquatic Ecosystem

Understanding the role of coral reefs in the cycle of marine life and its ecological balance, and adopting a perspective that inspires conservation and care for environment

Nurture Nature

The cycle of life and how self-sustaining it is;  how to cultivate or nurture this flow of nature

Fear Less

Understanding the sources of fear, what effect it has and how it can be a source of motivation.

Be kind and Vego

How food is the new medicine for the body – what we eat determines our long-term health and well-being

Managing Stress in Life

Tips and tricks on how employees can balance work and life/Dissecting stress and how the rainbow life reduces it.

The Best of Me, The Best in You

Understanding the development of Self-esteem and how to enhance it in others.

New Energy, New Light

Appreciating other renewable sources of energy and developing a lifestyle that enhances sustainable consumption of energy, food, and quality of life (include workshop on making “A Litre of Light”)

Bringing life back to medicine

This forum focuses on patient-centered care as a practice despite the challenges of economics and sustainability. It is caring for their patients and their families in ways that are meaningful and valuable to the patients, includes listening to, informing and involving patients in their care.

Spice Up Your Life

Recognizing the importance of culinary herbs, spices and medicinal plants, growing and using them.

Eco DIY 1: From Trash to Cash

Converting trash into useful objects

By Wilhelmina Garcia and Angelizza Ramirez

Eco DIY 2: From Trash to Cash

Making eco bags out of old tetra packs
Making bags out of dried leaves and grass

Trashion: Trash for Fashion

How to make fashionable clothes out of recycled or used clothing

Eco-Tour of Converting Trash to Cash

Visiting the livelihood and recycling centers of Villar SIPAG in Las Pinas city and demonstrating the production of beneficial products from waste materials, i.e. handicrafts from water lilies and school chairs from plastic waste, among others.

Subtraction Meditation: Clear Your Mind, Live Fully

In the practice of meditation, one will realize that the mind has been filled with pictures from the past.  Through meditation the mind is cleansed,  burdens are eliminated and one is allowed to live freely. One is able to know Truth and find the answers to the basic questions in life.

Watercolor Your Life

Explore watercolor as a dynamic fine art medium through a series of art workshops, artist talks, and live demos. Painting with watercolor is one of the most satisfying artistic expressions today. Learn its basic techniques and discover how delightfully easy it is.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Basic acting and performing for theater


Earth-friendly Architecture

Appreciating the technical aspects of a sustainable architectural design and its conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation

Breathing Life into Poetry

Expressing yourself better through poetry

Write it!

This workshop aims to teach us how to record and share significant experiences through writing.

Speak up and Make a Difference

Tips for voice acting, events hosting and public speaking

Contemporary Approaches to Native Filipino Music

Participants will be introduced to the formal and structural nature of native Filipino Music, and to learn how to make different musical arrangements that are applicable to native Filipino sounds

Let us Sing Together

Participants will learn choir-singing

Origami 101: The Art of Folding

The participants will learn the gentle, delicate and precise Japanese art of folding paper.

So You Think You Can Dance?

Participants will get to experience different dance forms, such as hip hop, reggae, salsa, merengue, contemporary or jazz.

Imagine, Innovate, Trend

Injecting creativity to improve your business

Motion Picture Language: A Silent Mover of History, Culture and the Future

Understanding the world of moving images and soundscape in relation to society, technology and aesthetics and encounter the diversity in audiovisual storytelling

Architecture to the Limit: Social Challenges

The workshop will be developed through work groups in dialogue to realize a real scale model of a constructive module thought in case of natural disasters, the major challenges in architecture and urban planning (earthquakes, floods, typhoons, etc…) or, in a social way, in areas with few resources and tecnologies ( refugee camps, conflict zones, etc…).

Who Cares!

A reverse approach to caring. What happens when we don’t care and others don’t care about us; addresses apathy

Visual Literacy: empowering the millennial photographer

A workshop that integrates history and society into the artistic medium of phone photography.  The culminating activity would be to take pictures that capture the essence and beauty of a multicultural society

The Food Experiment

A cooking class where participants can create fusion food using ingredients/cooking styles from different cultures

Is There a False Unity?

This forum discusses what the Pope mentions as the two different categories that are easy to fall into:  “diversity without unity” and “unity without diversity”

Be part of the Change. Build & Share a Culture of Unity

One professor and 2 students of the Sophia Institute in Loppiano explain the Culture of Unity to engage educators or those part of the learning process to build such a culture

What is your love language?

How to improve relationships by applying Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages

Body Talk

Discovering the importance of body language and how they are distinct in different cultures

Think Before You Click

Using social media responsibly and positively

The Science of Buying

Analysis of consumer choices and how advertising  affects them

Tatooed on my Mind

Indelible communications: strategies on what makes ideas stick and influence how we think

The Digital Wall

Are technology and social media hindrances to real communication?

Honor among Keyboard Warriors

Being a responsible online journalist

Being Active Netizens

How to be active online citizens to contribute to nation building

I Can Make a Difference

Proactivity and self-empowerment versus apathy

Measuring Happiness

The story of GNH (Gross National Happiness)

Governments at Work

Concepts of State and Government

Corruption Exposed

Different forms of corruption–their effects and how to resist them

How to Transform the World in 17 Ways

Know the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to guide action programs and contribute to a sustainable future

Movers of Society

Types of political leaders and how they affect society

“Beyond all Borders: Politics for Unity”

Dialogue and experiences of adults and young people applying the idea of politics for unity at an international and local level. Two workshops will be conducted: 1) Peace/No War: North & South Korea  (led by young Koreans) 2) Good governance and public accountability (led by young Filipinos). As a conclusion, young people will take the floor with prepared short speeches presenting their what, why and how in coming up with possible solutions in order to create a network of leaders for a united world.